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Our Works

Teacher Lin Lin

Step into the world of language mastery with Teacher Lin Lin! As a passionate, dedicated, and approachable Chinese tutor, She will go the extra mile to make learning Mandarin an enjoyable adventure. Explore, learn, and smile your way to linguistic success!

Elements Industries Pte Ltd

Elements Industries Pte Ltd is an innovative and dynamic company dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions in technology, engineering, and sustainable practices for global impact and success.

Tien Mu TCM, Beauty & Wellness

Tien Mu TCM offers holistic wellness through traditional Chinese medicine, promoting beauty and well-being using natural remedies and specialized treatments.

Event Concierge Services

Crafting unforgettable moments with mobile bars, karaoke, and tailored events. Your one-stop for seamless, unique celebrations!

Sparkz Audio Visual & Entertainment

A decade-plus of immersive mobile karaoke experiences, boasting 120,000 songs, ensuring unforgettable events with musical flair.

Polygot Asian Medicine

Harmonizing health with diverse ancient therapies, merging traditional Asian medicinal practices for comprehensive well-being and healing.

Ang Shee General Association

Ang Shee General Association upholds cultural heritage, fostering community ties and preserving tradition through various initiatives and events for local members.

Yeh Chi Wei Archives

Preserving and showcasing the legacy of Singapore's pioneering artist, fostering appreciation for his influential contributions in visual arts.

Sumari Sense

A mindful haven offering holistic therapies, fostering well-being through personalized treatments, guided meditation, and embracing the journey to inner balance and harmony

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