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Who Are We

Embark on our tale of creativity and innovation, ignited by a passion for storytelling through visuals, charity, and the dynamic world of Dance Ensemble Singapore. As the founder, David Ong SH poured his artistry into crafting compelling narratives. David's journey from an artist to a designer unfolded by creating mesmerizing stage backgrounds for Dance Ensemble Singapore, marking the birth of a transformative artist. As expertise grew, David's designs extended beyond dance, catching the eye of Chung Cheng Alma Maters, making websites more intricate, responsive, and interactive with each project.

This evolution culminated in the birth of David Ong Design Studio, a hub of innovation and artistic mastery where website design breaks boundaries, crafting immersive digital experiences. Our vision paints a world where websites are living stories, not just pages.

At David Ong Design Studio, your vision takes flight.

Our clientele includes esteemed names like NTU, Sparkz Audio Visual & Entertainment, Yeh Chi Wei's family, Sumari Sense, Ang Shee General Association, Elements Industries Pte Ltd, Event Concierge Services and more.

Join us on a journey where innovation and transformation collide. Let's amplify your brand's digital identity and unleash its full potential!

Contact us today and watch your story come to life!

From Creativity to Craftsmanship: 

The David Ong Design Studio Journey

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