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From Creativity to Craftsmanship

The Journey

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It all began with a passion for storytelling through video editing, serving the noble cause of charity organizations and the dynamic world of Dance Ensemble Singapore. David Ong SH, founder and creative force behind the scenes, channeled his artistry into crafting compelling narratives through visuals.

Join us in this journey of innovation and transformation. Let's rally around your brand's digital identity and unleash its full potential! Contact us today.

Building Now

宏泰 Hong Tai
Energy Innovate

Sites We Have Built

Welcome to Lim Tze Peng 100, a beautifully designed digital gallery celebrating Singaporean artist Lim Tze Peng's centennial legacy. Explore his iconic ink paintings and mixed media works through high-resolution images and interactive features. Dive into detailed descriptions and multimedia elements that reveal the stories behind his masterpieces, honoring his profound impact on the art world.

Lim Tze Peng

Step into the world of language mastery with Teacher Lin Lin! As a passionate, dedicated, and approachable Chinese tutor, She will go the extra mile to make learning Mandarin an enjoyable adventure. Explore, learn, and smile your way to linguistic success!

Teacher Lin Lin

Elements Industries Pte Ltd is an innovative and dynamic company dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions in technology, engineering, and sustainable practices for global impact and success.

Elements Industries Pte Ltd

Tien Mu TCM offers holistic wellness through traditional Chinese medicine, promoting beauty and well-being using natural remedies and specialized treatments.

Tien Mu TCM, Beauty & Wellness

Crafting unforgettable moments with mobile bars, karaoke, and tailored events. Your one-stop for seamless, unique celebrations!

Event Concierge Services

A decade-plus of immersive mobile karaoke experiences, boasting 120,000 songs, ensuring unforgettable events with musical flair.

Sparkz Audio Visual & Entertainment

What Our Clients Say About Us

Computer Screen Closeup
"David’s attention to detail ,creativity and responsiveness throughout the process is exceptional. I am impressed and happy with the result ."

Seetoh Lin Lin

"David was introduced to me when I asked around for someone to revamp the company website. We have no idea how a design a modern webpage. David is resourceful and knowledgeable in webpage design. He came up with a few sample designs for us to choose. He offered sound advice on the webpage design and even offered to have the webpages in other languages. There were some teething issues when the website went live but David promptly helped us to resolve it, although some of the issues are not related to his designs. The new web is now up and running smoothly. Thanks to David for his dedication and commitment to get this project completed within the expected time line."

Vincent Ho
Elements Industries Pte Ltd

"Thank you for all the hard work you have put into my father's website. From the initial design to now this. I loved this every much. Very straight forward and easy to navigate. Thank you."

Yeh Toh Yen
Son of the late Mr. Yeh Chi Wei

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